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Exclusively available on select GMC sport utilities and trucks. Style and elegance corralled with “Good ole’ American” rugged western appeal.


Memo: Great News

GMC Exclusive Program

September 28, 2012

Great news we have now launched our exclusive Texas Ranch Edition GMC full Sierra Truck line to go along with our full line of Texas Ranch Edition Yukon's and Yukon XL’s. As you may have recently heard GMC will now be competing against the New Chevrolet "High Country," in addition to the Ford King Ranch and Dodge Laramie Longhorn.

Our product line which combines GMC quality with "Good Ole' American" rugged western leather appeal is certain to offer all the features and benefits expected by your consumer. Since the announcement of the Chevrolet "High Country" last week at the General Motors Chevrolet meeting in Las Vegas; we have found that GMC Dealers are eager more so now than ever to take advantage of our trademarked Texas Ranch Edition program in an effort to stay one step ahead in their direct and indirect markets.

As the Manager in charge of Dealer Development of the GMC Exclusive Texas Ranch Edition product line I respectfully request that you please take a few moments to navigate thru our website @ www.texasranchedition.com for images of our GMC exclusive program. I will be contacting you very soon to discuss how our program can provide your entire sales & management staff a product “Brand” specifically designed to help create an additional profit center to be proud of.

Just a brief history on our program: The Texas Ranch Edition program initially launched back in 2005 for GMC, Chevrolet, and even Dodge truck models. The Western Leather program was important enough for Dodge to launch the Laramie Longhorn post the Texas Ranch Edition retirement.

When the owner of our company retired so did his trademarked program. As recent as the spring of 2012 our owner was requested by some of the local Tampa Bay area GMC Dealers to re-introduce the program. Dealers such as Mr. Roger Rivard of Rivard GMC in Tampa, Florida understand the focus General Motors has now placed on capturing a great majority of the High Line truck market currently dominated by Ford.

Five of FMC High Line truck packages currently account for nearly one third of Ford Motor Company's overall business. That is no small number! The Ford King Ranch has appreciated 12 years of nearly unrivaled success so hence General Motors introduction of The Chevrolet High Country; which is going to be exclusively offered on the Silverado truck line. It has been commented in Automotive News Magazine that the High Country will come in with a price tag of over 50K. With that being said and commented by Mr. Rivard himself, "The buyers when out shopping may very well find that the GMC Texas Ranch Edition full line of Western Leather Appeal will be less expensive and have more to offer than all of its competition.

Our mission statement is that you not only see the value of our program however; you see that the high line Western Leather program like it or not will be coming your way very soon. Not only by Ford and Dodge but Chevrolet as well! Dealerships that are pro active verses re-active will certainly have an advantage to create an identity in the market place prior to the launch of the Chevrolet High Country. I look forward to guiding your dealership through the details on how to get started with our Texas Ranch Edition program. For premium production line placement I strongly suggest considering getting started ASAP.

Dealer Development Staff

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